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Rajiv M. Joseph, MD, PhD, FAAN -  - Board Certified in Neurology

Rajiv M. Joseph, MD, PhD, FAAN

Board Certified in Neurology & Sleep Medicine located in Plano, TX

If you’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea, a continuous positive air pressure (CPAP) device may help you to breathe easily throughout the night and get better sleep. At his accredited sleep center in Plano, Texas, board-certified sleep medicine specialist Rajiv Joseph, MD, PhD, FAAN, prescribes CPAP equipment and can help you get used to wearing the device. Call Rajiv Joseph MD PA today or schedule an appointment online to find out if CPAP is right for you and how it can improve your sleep.


What is continuous positive air pressure?

CPAP is a machine that sends a continuous stream of oxygen into your lungs while you sleep. CPAP devices have three components: the machine that pushes the oxygen, a humidifier, and the mask.

There are a few varieties of masks. The traditional nasal mask is triangular and covers your nose. It’s held in place with straps and may have additional straps or braces that rest on your forehead for extra stability. These masks are suitable if you sleep with your mouth closed.

Another option is a nasal pillow mask, which is a small pillowed mask that fits onto your nostrils. It’s held in place with headgear that wraps around your face and head. Nasal pillow masks are a good fit if you breathe through your nose while you sleep.

A full mask is triangular and covers your mouth and nose with straps that wrap around your head to hold the mask in place. This option is useful if you breathe through your mouth while you sleep. The humidifier component of a CPAP machine is optional, but you may find that the CPAP device dries out your sinuses and throat without it.

How does CPAP work?

You wear the CPAP mask while you sleep and the machine sends a continuous stream of oxygen into your lungs. The oxygen increases the pressure in your airways, which prevents your soft tissue from collapsing and obstructing air flow. This prevents sleep apnea and also reduces or eliminates snoring.

Talk to Dr. Joseph about your CPAP options. He has many years of experience in fitting patients with CPAP devices and helps you decide on the best mask option for your comfort. He also provides CPAP titration tests to calibrate the flow of oxygen to meet your needs.

How do I know if CPAP is right for me?

CPAP devices are the most effective nonsurgical treatment for sleep apnea and snoring. Dr. Joseph performs extensive exams and sleep studies to identify your sleep disorder and prescribes CPAP machines when he knows it’s the best treatment to resolve your symptoms.

What should I expect while wearing a CPAP?

It’s normal to need a little time to adjust to wearing a CPAP mask and using the machine. Dr. Joseph and his team help you find the right mask and fit for your comfort. Also, like many patients, you may find the CPAP machine provides noticeable relief immediately, which may motivate you to continue to use the device and get used to the mask.

If you have questions about CPAP or are concerned about sleep apnea or other sleep disorders, call Dr. Joseph or make an appointment online today.a